About Me
  • Name Hootan Amani

  • Age 28 Years

  • Birthplace Kermanshah, Iran

  • Birthdate July 23, 1994

  • Degree MSc in Physics

  • Specialized Field Gravitation and Cosmology

  • Phone +98 936 202 4711

  • E-mail hootan.amani@gmail.com

  • Website Hootan.Pro

Imagination & Reality

Physics and music have always been an inseparable part of my life; thereupon, professional studying and in-depth analysis of these issues have become a common way in all ordinary activities I do in my life. A professional scientific research is the key to achieve the most precise and creative results in every field. I have always been asserting to have an exact precise analysis about the experiences I have gained in my academic education by the same method in order to achieve my certain purposes.

As imagination works like fuel for the machine of creativity, reality has the same role in studying and researching. In my point of view, success would be achieved through an appropriate combination of reality and imagination; imagination should be made by precise recognition of reality. I hope I would have an active role in realizing great dreams by pursuing the same method in future.



Theoretical physics, cosmology and astrophysics.


Space science, missions, satellites and telescopes.


Piano, contemporary instrumental, new age, classical and tenor

Programming & Web Development

Python and Wolfram Mathematica

English language



Bio & Skills

The only two things that always attract me so much are physics and piano. I am interested in different fields like gravitational theories, astrophysics, cosmology and space science. I completed my bachelor’s degree in nuclear physics from Razi university of Kermanshah, Iran and I have successfully completed my master's degree in gravitation and cosmology from Shahid Beheshti university. To mention in passing, I was born in Kermanshah, Iran on July 23, 1994.
My efforts to do various educational activities as the head of the scientific society of physics at Razi university lead to an official appreciation from Iran ministry of science, research and technology in addition to local officials.

I have translated many papers about musicians and topics in theoretical physics and a book in cosmology and the formation of universe which was published by Razi university publications in November 2017.
I am a self-taught pianist and I found nothing better than playing piano to get rid of all stresses and bad moods. I have composed some pieces of music and performed live. I am fascinated in researching about Quantum music and establish a causal connection between music and physics. My favorite genre is contemporary instrumental and so-called `new age’.

Hard Skills
80% Complete

Studying physics was the most challenging way I could do research and learn how to gather and measure information in order to reach the best results. It’s been a few years I’m into it and what it all comes down to in the end is considering the best strategy leads to success in a research.

80% Complete

My comprehension abilities are fairly good. I usually write the way I speak. And most of the time it’s easy for my partners to understand what I'm telling them. I love communicating with people in English.

90% Complete

Our today's world is completely dependent on computer. it's necessary to know almost everything about it and useful softwares like word processors, presentation makers and computational tools. I used to use Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems.

75% Complete

I have experience programming in Python, Wolfram Mathematica and Fortran.

60% Complete

I tried a few times to record my pieces of music. It's not perfect but I love them, particularly the one that is used as a theme for a documentary made by Razi university.

60% Complete

Piano is my favorite instrument. Its sound makes me feel strong emotionally; I would be more focused, relaxed and confident about my abilities.

Soft Skills
80% Complete

I always take care about time management; I believe it plays a critical role in determining productivity levels

80% Complete

Creativity and team working help to make the best decisions in order to solve all problems we're faced.

Professional Experience
2019 - Present
Technical Assistant

Cogeneration Plant (CHP)

Kermanshah, Iran

2021 - 2022
Web Developer & Designer

Zagros Furniture (Link)

Birmingham, UK

2015 - 2017

Scientific Society of Physics

Razi University, Kermanshah, Iran

Academic Background
2017 - 2019
Gravitation and Cosmology

Shahid Beheshti University

Tehran, Iran

I graduated with a master of science degree and the title for my thesis is "On anisotropic cosmology in a modified Brans-Dicke theory." Prof. Mehrdad Farhoudi was my supervisor and Prof. Hamid Reza Sepangi and Prof. Nematollah Riazi formed the committee for the thesis.

2012 - 2016
Nuclear Physics

Razi University

Kermanshah, Iran

Bachelor of science

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+98 936 202 4711

+98 902 202 4711

Department of Physics, Shahid Beheshti University, Evin, Tehran, Iran

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